Safely Renovating in a Daycare Business

When I moved my daycare business out of my house and into an actual building, I had to get a bunch of work done inside and outside the building. I didn’t do it right away, though.
I basically moved in and got everything all set up. And then I operated the daycare for probably six months and gave myself time to see what my priorities were in terms of getting the place fixed up.
One of the things that I figured out pretty quickly that I wanted to change was the flooring.

daycare tile flooring rennovation

Carpet Vs. Tile for a Daycare

When I moved in, there was carpet throughout the whole building.  You can imagine, with kids all the time on areas that are carpeted— crushing animal crackers underfoot, spilling red juice, throwing up, having peeing accidents, and everything else–that that kind of flooring is a really bad idea.
I knew this from my house where I operated my daycare for quite a few years. I had a few carpeted areas there and it didn’t take long before they looked like they were in need of a hazmat treatment. But the building that I bought for the daycare had carpet it in already.

So then I decided that I wanted to get rid of the carpet.

I had someone come in and pull up all of the carpets, and underneath I found old gross tile.
I knew I didn’t want that tile either and that I needed to get it out of there. But by that point, I had stuff set up all over everywhere and wasn’t sure how to keep the place clean while the tile was being removed.

I scoured the web, asked my friends for referrals, and finally found a company that promised dust-free tile removal.
So I called up this dust-free tile removal company and told them about my project and asked if they could help me.

They came out and looked at my floor and said they could remove all of that gross old tile and not end up with dust on all my things.
I had like a million cubbies and baskets of stuff and toys and books and things on display, and it was stuff that would have been a mess had it gotten dust all over it.

They came out one day with all of their vacuum equipment and tile removal machinery. They started at one end of the room, one guy lifting up the tile and the other guy working with the industrial grade vacuum system to get the dust away from the work area before it even lifted into the air.
They worked systematically from one corner of the room to the opposite corner of the room and had all of that tile up within the day.
I came in to check at the end of the day and sure enough, all of the stuff in the shelves and on the walls was still as dust free as when they started. I was amazed.
They had a third guy working that hauled out all of the tile as it was lifted up. I was so impressed at how clean those guys maintained the work site even while the work was in progress.
So that was the company that I used to get rid of all of my old gnarly tile. After that was done, I was able to install a different kind of flooring that was much more suited to my little ones. It’s perfect now.

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